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I love that this product has a tray that is for both your bottom and top teeth. I've used led teeth whiteners with two separate trays and it was more difficult to use. I've only used it twice and I already see a difference. Definitely would recommend this product.

Works just after one use

Noticed a difference after the very first use. Definitely 4+ shades whiter. Just ordered the refills

Straight forward and effective

This product is fantastic, it is very easy to use, it really works, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

This product is awesome! It's easy to use and you see results within 1-2 uses. I recommend this product hands down!

This product worked so well. I've been using it a little over a month already and I'm already seeing the difference.

Works perfectly fine. Just maintain it and need continuous use. Saw immediate difference after a week of use for 15 minutes each day.

This SmileTime product is amazing and easy to use. Right away I saw a difference in my teeth

I've used it twice and I already see results. can't wait for use it a whole week!.

A bit messy but it works

This product does whiten your teeth, but you have to keep using it. Highly recommended!

Love these toothbrushes!

I love it! No complaints. Does just as good a job as any other toothbrush if not better

This is a great product. Whitens teeth without the normal pain of peroxide whiteners.

Very easy to use and did not cause gum sensitivity. I like this better than any other whitening product I've used.

This SmileTime teeth whitening kit works well. I’ve used it three times and my teeth are much whiter. People have started noticing and I’m getting lots of compliments on my bright smile.

Works as advertised!

I love this product. After 3 times, my teeth are the whitest they have ever been.

Honestly love this Teeth Whitening Kit. It was worth every cent, my teeth are sparkling clean

This is my first teeth whiting kit and This is actually easy to use and set up. I use it once a day. Very beginner friendly.

Good value teeth whitening. Teeth are noticeably whiter.

I am happy it is working. It is also reasonable price and easy to use!

This SmileTime kit is awesome and definitely recommend to friends and family

Works as advertised. Way cheaper then the dentist. Thanks SmileTime!

Great price and very excited to say that it has made a difference in a good way :)