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I love milk tea a lot so my teeth really turned that color. Tried and tested, true to its claims, I got a few shades lighter after first use. I'm loving their kit !Very much recommended!

It had been more than a week and finally here are the end results. I have to be honest, you need to have the discipline and determination in doing routines like these, although, it will be worth it in the end. I mostly smile in every photo that I take, with the Smiletime kit it allowed me to be more confident and comfortable with my smile Glowing on the inside and out!

Bamboo toothbrush bristles will last up to year or longer before replacing the entire toothbrush. Finally, Going Green, Vegan Friendly, Saving Money..... HAPPY TOOTHBRUSHING ! 😀😉😀

I’ve been wanting to undergo teeth-whitening procedure by my dentist but too expensive. I kept postponing till I stopped smiling because it was already embarrassing to show my teeth. The discoloration was aggravated by being a coffee drinker. When I was introduced to SmileTime products my problem was solved like a miracle, not after 6 succeeding days of application (15-30 minutes wait each time as written on the instructions), but only after 5 days. I’m smiling again and mind you, I’m happy seeing myself in the mirror everyday with white teeth.

Products that were previously only available in wasteful plastic and similar materials are now available in eco friendly bamboo! These are very affordable, look stylish, clean as well as a conventional toothbrush, and I don’t feel guilty when it’s time to discard one because biodegradable!

Never really put much importance to the color of my teeth (or others') but when I tried Smiletime ultimate teeth whitening set and saw the difference... I don't think I can look at people's smiles the same way 😅

If you're thinking about getting whiter teeth, I recommend trying SmileTime first before you go to a clinic. Believe me it's a much better investment.

This was my very first bamboo toothbrush and I’ve been using it for about 7 weeks. So far I like it. No weird taste, no splinters and I haven’t had any bristles fall out either. After use I make sure to compress the handle with a towel and let it dry on my bathroom storage display to avoid molding.

I had my teeth professionally whitened at a clinic a few months ago and I'm surprised that this little at-home teeth whitening kit delivered if not the same, BETTER- results! I felt bad I spent so much money at a clinic only to see a small difference, but with Smiletime products, I can use it in the comforts of my own home and actually see results!

My yellow teeth problem for years has been solved by 1 week usage of SmileTime Ultimate Teeth whitening set! I super love the results! Highly recommendable!!!

I am a tea drinker, so my teeth were not white. Been using these kit for a week, and I can already see a vast improvement! It doesn’t taste bad. Easy to use, doesn’t take much. I am planning to order the refills for maintenance and to continue using the charcoal powder and the pen.

I love that it includes 3 teeth whitening products for a cheaper price! I usually have a small stain on my front tooth and my canines are more stained. I used these for a week and my family noticed that my teeth were brighter and whiter, and looks cleaner! Love how it turned out,

My teeth feel clean, the toothbrushes are comfortable and soft to use, and they are something I will definitely continue to purchase.

These Premium top up set works like magic! Make sure to have a separate toothbrush for the charcoal though and brush your teeth first before using the gels. It was a good decision me and my fiance bought this before our wedding.

I noticed a difference after the first few uses. I have really sensitive gums and had bad experiences in the past with whitening strips and other teeth whitening methods, I was so excited I came across with this unique product and even happier once I saw results. I drink lots of caffeine so I have some stains on my teeth from it and this powder is removing them! The flavor is minty, but it leaves my teeth feeling squeaky clean.

I love how fresh and clean my teeth feel after every use. The flavor is slightly minty and pleasantly mild and the best thing is no sensitivity. The fact that it’s natural, safe and easier to use than most other teeth whitening systems makes it THE one for me.

I’ve used these products everyday for 6 consecutive days and noticed great results. I will continue using the powder once a day now and the pen before meeting a client. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a whiter smile.

I was apprehensive to smile because I was embarrassed about the staining of my teeth. I've used clay pastes in the past but didn't do much for whitening. Since receiving the Charcoal powder by Smiletime I brush twice a day. I noticed less staining at the gum line on my front teeth after the second day. 4 days in the majority of the coffee stains are gone. Most of what is left is in between teeth, but even those are dissipating. I highly recommend using this product to remove coffee stains, freshen breath and improve your confidence in your smile.

It's easy to use and works great however it took so long to arrive. Though customer service was helpful in resending my order.

I was extremely pleased with this charcoal kit. I couldn’t believe how white my teeth got after brushing them with the powder, coffee stains are gone and my mouth feels so fresh.

You have to dry your teeth before putting these on. I love the minty with coconut taste and I had no sensitivity issue with it. I’m really proud with how the end result came out, and my mom was surprised that she wanted to buy a box of her own. I do not regret buying this and I hope this works out for others as well!

These are the best whitening strips had. I've tried others that were expensive, had a bad taste, or didn't adhere at all! These are pretty tasty with mint and coconut flavor, they adhere great, and both strips are together in a package. You don't have to bother opening two packages. After two uses I saw a drastic difference and I cannot wait to complete the remaining 12 days and see how far my smile will go.

I really like these strips, they work great (I didn't use them all in 14 days). I love these strips, make sure to dry your teeth off good before applying. and there was a noticeable difference after each use. I have had no sensitivity issues afterwards like I have with other whitening products and I love the adhesive that keeps the strips on your teeth while whitening.

I usually brush with it every other night, then follow up with my regular toothpaste. I've definitely noticed the coffee stains disappearing! Super easy to use with the bamboo toothbrush and my regular toothbrushing routine.

You can see results after a couple of weeks of continued use. I found it to be more efficient than whitening toothpastes. It's very easy to apply in combination with the bamboo toothbrush, and it's very refreshing to your breath. I love the fact that it is 100% vegan, it is a great value for money